Nazhayat is an association founded to create a bridge among generations and cultures. A very recently created association founded by the leadership of teachers working at a governmental institution in the year 2015. Nazhayat aims to bring adults back to life after retirement, over the age of fifty. We are also a course provider for teenagers and adults. Our aims are to adopt mostly the retired, integrating them back into society again to get them active in all parts of the Daily life and help them in the process of active ageing.

The organisation mostly deal with the educational topics of society. We guide The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and try to enlighten especially university youth living in the  city. On special days, groups of participants are invited to conferences organised by organisations. Well-known figures give out the general outlines on the topic.

Key persons having a role in the foundation of the organisation have a great deal of experience in adult education and European projects. The founders are all active civil servants working at a local public education centre and in cooperation with that governmental institution.

NAZHAYAT applies ICT based courses in its educational programs. Since the organization wants to bring back older adults to education, e-learning is an important aspect for NAZHAYAT. Firstly, ICT can enable older adults to use online education themselves without additional support. Secondly, it can empower members of this age group to use modern ways of education. Because of this, Nazhayat has a crucial interest in the project.

The general mission of the organisation is to expand education in the town. In Europe getting closer each day we would like to help the added value. The closer we get the better we are able to understand each other. Each year thousands of Europeans visit the town and there is already a close cultural connection. Yet, we need more time and endeavour to understand and know each other better. Due to EU projects, we would like people to get accustomed to living together, feel in the same way and find new solutions to overcome the differences and difficulties. As in the previous plans, we are focused entirely on this matter, on international associations.