EduVita is an Italian NGO dedicated to the promotion of lifelong learning and the development of intergenerational and intercultural relationships. It is an open space for different generations meeting, a cultural and educational centre in Lecce, South Italy, founded by two Italian and one Belarusian youngster in January 2019. Before creating our own NGO, our informal group of young people has been collaborating actively with local and foreign NGOs for developing education possibilities for all the generations. We've noticed that there is a lack of opportunities in our city (Lecce) for intergenerational education and for developing of trainers’ competencies in non-formal youth andadult education.

The idea of lifelong learning space EduVita was born - a co-working and co-learning in Lecce were to create and share the knowledge considering the experience of different generations. We've presented our idea to the Regional Fund for assisting to young entrepreneurs and in October 2018 we became a PIN Winner - Initiative promoted by the Youth Policies of the Puglia Region and ARTI and financed with ESF resources.

EduVita has the following objectives:

1. promote lifelong learning for social inclusion;

2. promote the social development of people with disadvantages through the education of people of all ages;

3. develop intergenerational relationships through constructive dialogue and exchange of experiences;

4. promote collaboration between the university environment, non-profit organizations and the professional world;

5. promote non-formal and digital education

6. promote youth initiative and entrepreneurship